Algoma, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay Property Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Property insurance tailored to your risk profile


If you need property insurance in Algoma, Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI or Sister Bay, then Stoneman Schopf can help. Property insurance will cover you for damages to your property such as your home and contents. They also provide property insurance for renters in the form of content insurance.  Property insurance will cover you for certain specified events such as fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, burglaries, theft and accidents.

Just as you need to know what your property insurance covers, you need to know what is does not cover. For example, most home insurance policies do not cover floods and earthquakes. The main reasons ate that the risk is high and the damage wide-spread.  This means that insurance companies see the risk as being greater than the returns as a result they shy away from flood and earthquake insurance.  An agent such as Stoneman Schopf can help you with flood and earthquake insurance and other special types of property insurance.

Unlike car insurance, property insurance is not compulsory. However, you will be taking a big risk if you don’t have home insurance. If you have a bond the lender will insist on home insurance is a condition of your bond or mortgage.

Property insurance is a broad term and is often understood to include home insurance, content insurance, renter’s insurance and special risk insurance such as flood and earthquake insurance. Apart from coverages you also need to consider the cost aspect of property insurance. The main thing is to get the right balance of insurance. You don’t want to be over insured and you don’t want to be underinsured.

An independent agent such as Stoneman Schopf will help with the right balance of property insurance. That means insurance tailored to your requirements and your risk profile.


Algoma, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay Property Insurance. Homeowners Insurance in Algoma, Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, WI.