Algoma, Sister Bay WI Insurance from Stoneman Schopf

Life is extremely unpredictable and therefore, in order to combat with the sudden throes of danger that life puts you in, you must be well-prepared. This is the precise reason why people opt for insurance. We, at Stoneman Schopf, have built a remarkable reputation for showing utmost diligence and dedication in taking care of all your insurance needs. Our expertise, professionalism, and efficiency can successfully help you fulfill your insurance goals.

Our policies cover every aspect of your life and prepare you for a financially sound future. Here, we have put together the major kinds of insurance that you must buy in order to have a happy and healthy tomorrow. Take a look.

  1. Life Insurance

Death is inevitable and since we know this unchangeable fact, it is wise to be prepared for it in advance. While you die, you also leave behind your family members whose entire financial responsibility might be on your shoulders, especially if you are the sole earning member of your family. This will not only cover your funeral expenses but also take into account your mortgage payments and other daily expenses like taxes, bills, and loans.

  1. Auto Insurance

Having no auto insurance is an extremely risky affair these days because you are liable to quite a lump sum amount of expenditure if you meet with an accident. Apart from severe car damage, you can be imposed with hefty fines on the road. Instead of wasting your hard-earned savings on it, get it covered in auto insurance. This covers your medical expense if someone is injured in the car accident, helps you deal with the litigation occurred due to this case, and also protects your vehicle against theft, natural calamity disasters or vandalism.

  1. Homeowners Insurance

If you want to save your home from theft or external damage, you must buy homeowners insurance. This will protect you against any sort of personal liability in case somebody gets injured while on your property and will also cover your living expenses if you are unable to continue in your house after an insured disaster.

So, what are you waiting for? If you live in and around Algoma, Fish Creek WI, or Sister Bay, quickly discuss your insurance needs by giving us a call at 800-371-6565 now.


Algoma, Sister Bay WI Insurance from Stoneman Schopf is affordable peace of mind when you need it most. Contact us for all your insurance needs today.