Auto and Car Insurance in and around Sister Bay, WI

Auto insurance tailored to your circumstances

If you own a motor vehicle you need auto insurance to cover your liabilities, your car and any damages and related costs that could result from a collision. For best value car insurance in Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI you should speak to the insurance experts at Stoneman Schopf.


According to Wisconsin law you have to be able to cover costs that result from a car accident that you could be involved in. Most vehicle owners meet this obligation through auto insurance. At a minimum your car insurance should cover you for potential liabilities, uninsured motorists as well as underinsured motorists.


Of course you should really have coverage beyond the minimum requirements to cover your own expenses and potential losses. Ideally your auto insurance should cover collision damage, towage, alternative transport as well as medical costs.


Auto insurance extends beyond car insurance and can also cover motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles.  These are usually expensive assets and the losses associated with some accident or mishap could far exceed the small amount you would pay in insurance premiums.


Whether you own a car, multiple cars, a boat, a motorcycle or other type of vehicle, you can find auto insurance that is reliable and affordable. Costs associated with an accident or other event could well be unaffordable if you don’t carry proper vehicle insurance.


Additional options could include umbrella insurance to cover you for claims that exceed your coverage limits. There are many things to consider when you take out car insurance and there are many factors that will influence the cost of your coverage.


The friendly and knowledgeable team at Stoneman Schopf will be able to match auto insurance your specific circumstances and your budget. This way you won’t be over inured or under insured.