Auto insurance in Door County, Egg Harbor and Sister Bay, WI

There are many components to auto insurance

Auto insurance is essential when you own or drive a vehicle in Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI or Sister Bay. Car insurance covers you against a range of possible risks and events. There include damage or injury to third parties, personal injury, vehicle damage and consequential damage and loss.

The first and possibly the most important component of auto insurance is liability cover. This is also referred to a 3rd party insurance. Liability insurance is part of any vehicle owner’s social responsibility and is in fact required by law. If you are caught driving without this type of auto insurance you could face fines and penalties as well as possible SR22 and SR44 orders. If you are involved in an accident and someone is injured, you can face financial ruin if you are not properly covered by liability insurance.

You also face the risk of personal injury. There are auto insurance options when it comes to personal injury. You could build some personal injury protection plan into your overall auto insurance policy. Damage to your own vehicle can result from a variety causes, the most common being road accidents. In order to cover damages to your vehicle that result from road accident you need collision insurance. Of course road accidents are not the only cause of vehicle damage. Natural events and wrongful actions can also result in substantial damage. Some form of comprehensive insurance can cover you for such events. Consequential losses and side costs such as road assistance and alternative transport should also be considered.

Auto insurance does not have to be limited to cars and trucks. You can extend your auto insurance to cover other vehicles such as motorcycles, snow mobiles and boats. You would probably also qualify for a cheaper rates if you have cover more than one vehicle under the same policy.