Auto insurance in Egg Harbor, Algoma and Sister Bay, WI

The many components of auto insurance

If you own a car you must have auto insurance. It’s not a choice or an option. You are required by law to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. You do have options when it comes to the amount of auto insurance and who you buy it from. If you reside in Egg Harbor WI or Sister Bay, then Stoneman Schopf is a good option. As independent agents, they know where to get best value auto insurance. That is because they are free to deal with any carrier they please. As resident agents, they also understand the specific risks of the areas and neighborhoods and as such they can advise your more accurately regarding your insurance requirements.

As far as car insurance goes you know you need 3rd party or liability insurance. That will cover you should a third party sue you for damages or injuries sustained because of your driving, negligent or otherwise. However, 3rd party insurance does not cover you for your own losses or injuries. To cover your own medical expenses, you may need some type of personal injury protection plan. To cover your vehicle, you will need collision insurance.

There are many different components to auto insurance. That means you have some options and choices regarding which components you want to take out. For example, you may opt for 3rd party insurance only. That means you won’t be covered for your own vehicle damages sustained in a road accident. Nor will you be covered for auto theft, for loss of valuables, for roadside assistance, for alternative transport and so on.

It is always a good idea to consider the amount of coverage you need in relation to the risks. Your insurance agent will be able to help you with these important car insurance decisions.