Auto insurance in Egg Harbor, Fish Creek and Sister Bay, WI

5 must have insurance plans and its benefits

Protecting your vital assets is a crucial step to create a good personal financial plan. In fact the right coverage will go a very long way to help you protect both your possessions and earning power. If you are in need of any form of insurance, get in touch with us at Stoneman Schopf. People residing in any part of Algoma or Sister Bay can make the most of our coverage and enjoy peace of mind.

A brief on the 5 must have coverage plans and its different benefits

Although insurance plans and coverage are available in plenty but the 5 must have are as follows,

  • Disability Insurance- The very thought of disability for long-term is quite frightening. So it is best to invest in a disability policy which will offer you sufficient coverage in order to help you go on with your present lifestyle despite you not being able to continue working
  • Health insurance- the rising medical care expenditure is a big reason in making this insurance a necessity. Merely a consultation with the physician can lead to hefty bills, keep aside the hospitalization expenses and surgery fees.
  • Life insurance- this will offer protection to those who are dependent on you financially. If your family members face financial hardship after your demise, this policy should be mandatory on your list. It will also help to cover the burial cost
  • Homeowners insurance- To replace a home will be a costly proposition. To have the right home insurance will help in making this process less difficult.
  • Auto insurance- having an auto insurance policy is a must as it will save you from tragic incidents. It will also protect you against a lawsuit during an accident and also save you from financial hardship

Insurance policies are available in different types and boasts of different prices, benefits and features. Be rest assured, our agents will guide you all through the process to ensure that you understand every coverage thoroughly and how it will cater to your needs. To learn more, get in touch with us today.