Business Insurance in Algoma, Sister Bay, WI and surrounding areas.

If you need business insurance in Algoma, Door Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI, Sister Bay or Sturgeon Bay, you need look no further than Stoneman Schopf. They are an independent agent which means they work for you and not for a specific carrier. When it comes to something as complicated as commercial insurance you want an expert on your team.

Business insurance covers many different areas. Important areas of coverage could include:

  • Property insurance
  • Commercial auto
  • Liability insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Group medical
  • Professional liability
  • Speciality business specific coverage

Property insurance will cover buildings, structures and contents. If you rent business premises then it will cover your contents such as your equipment, machines, furniture, fittings, stock and so on. If your business owns vehicles then you will need some type of commercial auto insurance.  This is generally separate from property insurance.

Every business faces risks of 3rd party claims, also known as liability claims. If one or more 3rd parties suffer injury or damage or both because of your business operations, you could face liability claims. In such an event, liability insurance will have your back.

One of the most important types of business coverage you should have is that of business interruption. Even if your machines and equipment get replaced, it could be too late if are unable to conduct business on an on-going basis. Proper business insurance should include loss of income due to business interruption.

Other types of business coverage could include things such as workmen’s compensation, professional liability, errors and omissions and industry specific insurance.

Stoneman Schopf can help you with business insurance tailored to your needs. This could be a business owners’ policy with add-ons to fill the gaps. Or it might be industry specific such as builders or contractors insurance or restaurant insurance.

Business Insurance in Algoma, Sister Bay, and surrounding WI areas, and offering Auto, Flood, Life, Health, Property, Homeowners Insurance.