Car insurance in Algoma, Door County and Egg Harbor, WI

Best advice for auto and car insurance

Auto insurance or if you prefer car insurance, is a complicated subject with many options, conditions, clauses, inclusions, exclusions and so on. So you need to be sure you have the right auto insurance for your situation and circumstances. One way to be sure is to deal with an independent local agent who will be able to advise you and who will also be able to source the best car insurance for your needs. Stoneman Schopf are independent local insurance agents serving the communities and businesses of Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI.

When you need to decide on the best car insurance you have to consider many factors. These include things like coverage, cost, exclusions and limits. Probably the most important question is that of coverage. By law you are required to have some car insurance coverage – but this requirement only relates to liability and civil responsibility. That means if you injure or cause damage to a 3rd party you need to have insurance that will cover you for claims against you.

However, liability insurance does not cover you for collision damage. It also does not cover you for your personal injuries. So clearly your need collision coverage as well. But what if your vehicle is damaged by some other event, such as a storm? Or what about auto theft, vandalism, civil uprising or some other freak accident? These are important questions and you have to weigh the risks against the costs.

Once you have the right coverage at the right price you also need to consider exclusions and limitations. Not all events and situations are going to be covered. What if someone else drives your car and there is an accident? What about events that are specifically excluded? What about other vehicles that you might own?

Auto or car insurance is not straightforward. It makes sense to get expert advice and assistance when you deal with car and auto insurance.