Car insurance in Algoma, Fish Creek and Sister Bay, WI

12 types of car insurance coverage and discounts offered by car insurance agencies

Do you own more than one car? Are you the only person in your family who can really drive well? If yes, don’t you feel that you are paying more than enough? Does your coverage provide the level of protection that you and your family need? Do you know that there are many ways to save money while still having the right amount of coverage? Well, it sounds like me being an inquisitive person asking too many questions, but definitely there is a reason as to why I am asking them. We at Stoneman- Schopf Agency, a top licensed and insured independent home and auto insurance agency based at Wisconsin ask these and other significant questions as well since we want you to have a quality insurance protection with affordable rates. Here, we will detail the 12 most common types of coverages added to your car insurance policy as given below:

  1. Personal injury protection
  2. Comprehensive coverage (optional)
  3. Rental car insurance
  4. Property damage liability
  5. Theft and fire coverage
  6. Gap insurance
  7. Bodily injury liability
  8. Pay-per-mile coverage
  9. Liability coverage
  10. Uninsured or underinsured driver coverage (cheap)
  11. Collision coverage (optional)
  12. Physical damage coverage

Besides all these coverages, like other top car insurance agencies we also offer discounts on 3 things, like:

  • Mature driver discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Claim free discounts for those who have never had an accident

Some points to remember regarding driving

  • Do not drive during rush hours
  • Do not drive in less densely populated areas
  • Do not drive too frequently
  • Demonstrate safe driving practices


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