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Filing a claim for car insurance


Driving a car puts you to a risk to one day have an accident. It might be your fault or not, but we are not here to discuss that now. What do you do when an accident happens and you need your insurance coverage? There are certain steps to follow when filing a claim with your car insurance company to get paid off. The claim may require the insurance company to cover for body injury treatments or other the medical expenses. The claim can also require coverage for car damage in order to get repairs for it.

You need to know when you can file a claim for car insurance. There are different circumstances when you can do that, for example in the case of car collision, car vandalism, etc. You can also file claims if your car was stolen or damaged by fire or extreme weather conditions.

First: You will need to contact your insurance company. You will need to give some information like your full name and policy number, the start and end dates of your policy, driver’s license and license plate numbers, whether you were alone in the car while the accident happened. If you were not alone in the car, you’ll need to provide details about all the passengers who were with you. The insurance company’s representative might ask you for a sworn statement too with details about the car accident (such as weather conditions, time of day when it happened). Note any personal harm you notice and take photos if you can.

These days the internet is very helpful and some insurance companies give you the opportunity to file a claim for car insurance through an online form or on the mobile apps for accidents and claims.

Second: Whether you filed a claim by phone or online, your carrier will contact you to continue the claim process. There are 4 basic steps to follow for filing a claim.

  1. The first step is the case assignment to a specialist who will work on your claim.
  2. Then, you will have to discuss with the claims professionals about coverages of the situation.
  3. They might need after to inspect your car, to examine evidence of any personal injury and initial payment.
  4. The insurance company may ask you to make some temporary fixes while are you waiting for car repairs, but don’t make permanent repairs until you are approved because then you may not be reimbursed anymore. Also, make sure you keep all your receipts.

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