Health Insurance and Life Insurance in Algoma, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay and Nearby Cities

Stoneman Schopf is an accredited insurance agency and can help you with health insurance in Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI, Sister Bay or Sturgeon Bay. When you have health issues you don’t want to worry about the financial costs.  Health Insurance options include major medical, disability cover, health savings account, Medicare supplements, Medicare advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans and long-term care.

Major medical covers more than basic health insurance and provides benefits for a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services. Major medical can also protect you from uninsured tax penalties. Major medical covers doctor consultations, hospital visits and outpatient services. The system function on a system of deductibles and co-payments. There is also a cap on your co-payments or the amount you need to pay out of your own pocket.

A health savings account is associated with high-deductible health plans and offers tax benefits. Disability cover will provide you with an income should you become disabled and unable to work. Medicare supplements help fill gaps in the original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans offer the same benefits as the original Medicare with additional benefits. Medicare is available to senior citizens. Long-term care will cover costs such as nursing homes, assisted living expenses and in-home care. These types of costs are not covered by Medicare.

Closely related to health insurance is life insurance. Generally life insurance will pay out to beneficiaries when you die. You also get hybrid life insurance plans that let you draw money once the policy has reached a certain maturity.

Health insurance is a complicated field and it makes sense to get professional help and advice. Stoneman Schopf is an independent agency and they can help you with right health insurance, disability income protection as well as life insurance.