Home Insurance in Algoma and Door County, WI

It is easy to find home insurance and homeowner’s insurance products and solutions.  There are many companies and agents offering home insurance plans and policies, but selecting the plan that best matches your risk profile, your property and your budget is not as easy.  A local agent has knowledge of your neighbourhood as well as contacts with major carriers and will be able to assist you with best-matched and best value homeowner’s insurance plans.

If you own property in Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay or Sturgeon Bay, WI then Stoneman Schopf can help you select the right home insurance solution for your circumstances. The right home insurance should be affordable and cover your for your real risks. Proper home insurance should also cover you for the replacement value of things – your home as well as valuables inside your home. Even if you only rent your home you should still have a homeowner’s policy in the form of renters insurance to cover your valuables as well as thing inside your home or apartment you may be responsible for.


As with all insurance policies there will always be fine print and exclusions – things or risks that are not covered. Flood damage is a good example. Now we are talking about real floods – heavy rains, rivers that overflow, storm surges and the likes.  These events happen and damage is always major. That is why most carriers exclude flood damage from their homeowner’s policies. So it is important that you as home owner and policy holder be aware of understand any exclusions or other limitations imposed by your homeowner’s policy.


Home insurance is not only about your property but also about your liabilities. Accidents happen and you need to be covered for potential third party claims for injury or damage or both.