Homeowners Insurance in Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay WI

How Is Homeowners Insurance Calculated?


Are you thinking about purchasing homeowners insurance? Before you make a purchase you want to know what to expect from your insurance and how the homeowners insurance is calculated. It appears that if you’re calculating the gas mileage when you’re buying a car, you should do the same with a house; you should think about how much the house will cost you, insurance and all.

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The house

This aspect refers to the characteristics of your house that might predict some kind of risk, determining the homeowners insurance price to increase. For example, the type and the age of the roof are a criterion that is taken into account when deciding the final insurance price. If the roof is more than 10 years old, it may show some kind of risk and your premium will increase. Also, the cost of the house is another criterion. The higher the value, the more the insurance will increase.


Your home’s location is very important in determining the value of your homeowners insurance. As mentioned above, some characteristics of the house indicate a risk, and the same goes for the location.

A very populated area increases every chance of something to happen. For example, the risk of a fire. When in a crowded area, houses are built next to each other and the risk of a fire increases. So do the insurance premiums. Also, if you live in a high-risk area of hurricanes and tornadoes the cost of the insurance will go up.

Credit score

It appears that your credit score influences how much will you pay for homeowners insurance. If you have a good credit history, the premiums of your insurance will be lower, as you don’t show a risk for filing claims.

Furthermore, the insurance company looks at your history claims, so if you filed many claims, the possibility is that the premium on your homeowners insurance will rise, but if in the last 10 years you haven’t filed any claim, you’ll get a much lower rate for the insurance.

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