Insurance in Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Algoma, Sturgeon Bay WI

Learn about the different types of insurance policies and their benefits

Sad eventualities like death, the loss of income, accidents, sickness, damage to property amid others are hard to accurately predict. Luckily, with the availability of a wide range of insurance plans you can cover unfortunate events which means when such incidents take place you can restore the status quo conveniently. We at Stoneman Schopf offer various forms of coverage to help you stay protected. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Algoma, Door County, Fish Creek WI and Sister Bay.

Know more about the different types of coverage

  • Life insurance- offer the specified beneficiaries or the insured with a certain amount during the demise of the insured
  • Personal accident insurance- it will compensate you during external violent events that results in injury, death or disability
  • Heath and medical insurance- it will cover the expenditure of hospitalization, medication and surgery
  • Car insurance- it will cover your car or two wheeler against theft or accident
  • Home insurance- it will insure your home from damage or loss due to fire, flood, electrical fault or plumping malfunction
  • Travel insurance- while traveling, it will compensate you against any inconvenience, sickness, damage, injury, or loss. Besides, it will also cover travel delays, personal accidents and hijackings
  • Burial insurance- it will cover all funeral expenses and costs
  • Wedding insurance- this will prove beneficial if something goes wrong during a wedding
  • Electronic device insurance- it will cover devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones and ensure repair or replacement of the same if it gets damaged, lost or stolen
  • Crime insurance- it will cover you/your business from damage or loss due to a third party’s criminal act
  • Disability overhead insurance- it will offer coverage for overhead expenses, especially for a business owner that is unable to work
  • Earthquake insurance- it will cover your property or home against damage or loss resulting due to an earthquake
  • Mortgage insurance- this will prove beneficial to a lender should a home buyer defaults
  • Professional liability insurance- it will provide protection for professionals like architects and doctors when negligence claims are brought against them by their clients

If you wish to enjoy peace of mind during uncertain situations, then make the most of our insurance plans. No matter which form of coverage you need we can have you covered. Hurry, get in touch with us today.