Insurance in Sister Bay and Algoma

Insurance policies are of various types, but people are not much aware of what it is and what it will protect. Of these, the two key forms of policies that people should invest in include general insurance and life insurance and both these are a must have. If you are in need of these policies, call us at Stoneman Schopf right away. We are a licensed and certified company which means you are under safe and trusted hands. People residing in and around Algoma and Sister Bay can make the most of our services.

Benefits galore

The benefits of having life and general insurance are as follows,

  • Life insurance- this insurance policy will pay a certain amount to the insured and/or their beneficiaries on certain events like the death of the insured. Its coverage period is more than usually a year, hence it needs periodic premium payments through annual, quarterly or monthly basis. And when it comes to the risks that will be covered by this plan include illness, income during retirement and premature death. The key products of this insurance include,
  • Medical and health
  • Life annuity plan
  • Investment linked
  • Term
  • Endowment
  • Whole life
  • General insurance- this policy will offer coverage against damages and losses which are not covered by a life insurance plan. It will protect you and also your family against unforeseen losses. In case of a general insurance policy the coverage period generally is one year and the premiums are paid on the basis of one-time. The risks which will be covered under this insurance include,
  • Injury or accidental death
  • Liability that arises from damage that you cause to a third party
  • Property loss, such as burnt house or a stolen car

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