Door County, Algoma and Sister Bay, WI Insurance policies

Different components of car insurance

When you own a vehicle car insurance is essential. Driving a vehicle without car insurance is plain stupid and against the law as well. Car insurance is not expensive and you can get a good deal at an independent agent such as Stoneman Schopf. They serve the communities of Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay, WI and they know where to find best value auto insurance deals.

There are many components to auto insurance. First there is the liability component. As a vehicle owner you have a public responsibility to compensate others from injury or damage caused by your negligence. This public responsibility is also written into law. You are legally required to carry a certain amount of liability insurance when you won or drive a car.

However, liability insurance only covers damage or injury to others. It does not cover you or your own damage. The biggest risk of car ownership is that of a road accident. That is why you need cover for damages and juries you might sustain when involved in a car accident. Collision cover is a separate component in auto insurance.

However, road accidents are not the only cause of damage. Your vehicle could be damaged as the result of a storm or as a result of malicious acts by others. Collision insurance does not cover you for damage caused by events other than a road accident.

So there are many aspects to auto insurance and you need to do some due diligence when deciding on a car insurance policy. Do you need comprehensive insurance? Do you need umbrella insurance? These are the kind of questions and decisions that an independent insurance agent can help you with. Proper car insurance means you will be covered for your real risks at a price you can afford.