Life Insurance, Other Insurance in Algoma, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay WI, and Surrounding Areas

Stoneman Schopf can help you with life insurance in Algoma, Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI, Sister Bay or Sturgeon Bay. They are an accredited and recommended insurance agency serving the communities of Algoma, Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI, Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay.

Life insurance falls under the category of personal insurance and provides an affordable means of taking care of your loved ones should something happen to you, the breadwinner.  Like with most things in life, life insurance comes in different flavors. You get whole life, permanent life, term life, endowment options and more.

Term life is the most basic and most affordable of life insurance options. As it name implies, term life is valid for a specific agreed period, for example 20 years. Should the insured die within the term of the policy, the insurance company will pay specified benefits to the named beneficiary or beneficiaries.  Term life insurance can be level term of decreasing term. Level term means the death benefits remain the same throughout the currency of the policy. Decreasing terms means the death benefit drops over the term, usually in annual increments. The cost of the policy will be in line with the type and nature of the policy. Term life insurance is popular with young couples starting out since it covers a specific period and the cost is affordable.

Whole or permanent life insurance is more complicated since it comes with more bells and whistles. That means more options and variations. Whole life insurance pays death benefits whenever you die provided the policy premiums have been paid according to contract.

The experts at Stoneman Schopf will advise you regarding the best type of life insurance for you. Whatever type of life insurance you settle on, you will have peace of mind that your loved ones will have financial security should something happen to you.

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