Property insurance in Door County, Algoma, Sister Bay, WI

Property insurance protects your major financial investments

Property involves a lot of money, whether residential or commercial. In order to protect your property real estate investment, you need property insurance, whether in the form of a homeowner’s policy or a commercial property policy. If you own a free standing home in Algoma, an apartment in Door County, a commercial building in Sister Bay, or a multi-housing complex in Sturgeon Bay then Stoneman Schopf can help you with cost effective and reliable property insurance.

Real estate is not the only type of property you own. Personal valuables, business equipment, vehicles, boats, furniture and fittings, jewelry, art works and collections can all fall under the banner of property. Insurance is a sensible and cost effective way to protect yourself against loss and even ruin.

Whether we are talking about real estate or boats does not matter so much. We are talking about a lot of money and we are talking about risks. For a small monthly payment an insurance carrier will provide you with property insurance, be it home insurance, commercial property insurance or even boat insurance.

The carrier agrees to carry the financial risk associated with property ownership in exchange for a monthly premium. As long as you pay your monthly, your property will be covered for agreed risks and agreed amounts. It is always good to know what these said risks are and what the exclusions are. Most insurance policies will cover certain risks such as fire, domestic flooding, theft, accidental damage and so on. Major events such as natural floods and windstorms are often excluded and you may need to obtain special insurance for such events.

It is always sensible to obtain the advice of a professional when dealing with complex and important matters and property insurance certainly is complex and important.