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6 easy ways to reduce your home insurance costs

Home insurance is a vast subject to cover. At first, I didn’t or rather I should say tried to understand what it is all about and so paid no heed to it until a natural calamity struck my house few years back. So, you can well imagine how frustrated I was then when I realized there was another cost of home ownership on top of the monthly home mortgage. Getting a home mortgage means being responsible for repaying a big debt on time. Yes, it is one of those things which most of us do not take seriously and then when something dangerous strikes your house, you have no other choice left other than calling up your insurance company to have a homeowner’s policy. If you do not have, then you need to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, just because you have to buy one does not mean overpaying for it. So, please don’t be downhearted since we at the Stoneman- Schopf Agency, a top licensed and insured independent insurance agency based at Wisconsin will be discussing about the good news here and that is about the several ways by which property owners can easily save money on homeowner’s insurance in Algoma, Door County, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay and WI and they are given below:

  1. Purchase more than one type of insurance from the same insurance company- If you do so, you get a discount on both home as well as car/auto insurance policies.
  2. Add a complete security system, like- burglar alarm system or deadbolts– This can lower the cost of your home insurance at least by 5%.
  3. Higher deductible– Deductible is the amount of money you have to pay in the event of an insurance claim. The higher the deductible is, the more money you can save on your monthly insurance premiums.
  4. Long-term policy holder- If you stick with the same insurance company for six years or more, then expect to receive special discounts for being a long-term policyholder.
  5. Good credit rating- Ensure that your credit score is good in order to avoid a higher insurance premium.
  6. Living in a safe area (disaster resistant) – Living in a safe area will give you a good discount on your home insurance.

Hopefully, at least one of them can help you out. It will some time though, but could save you lump sum money. If you are looking for a homeowner’s insurance policy, call us at 920-743-6565 at anytime between 7:00 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday for making an appointment and we will provide you with viable insurance solutions that day itself. To know more, click here